Addressing global challenges

Hydrock is addressing global challenges through smart engineering solutions.

Our purpose is to be a force for good, shaping places, communities and infrastructure that everyone can be proud of.

As a leading British-owned engineering design, energy and sustainability consultancy, we bring sustainable solutions to major infrastructure projects and landmark buildings. It’s our job to create places that inspire, respect the environment, and deliver value for users, owners and investors.

Taking a lead

We’re thinking positively, creatively, sustainably and commercially about the built environment.

Here are two examples that demonstrate our approach. We’ve analysed the opportunity for recycling waste heat from edge data centres into community district heating schemes; and we’ve considered the wider benefits of vertical farming in a re-imagined high street. It’s this type of thinking and smart engineering that helps our clients address the future with confidence.

Through our trusted relationships with our clients and partners, we explore how to create true sustainable outcomes for the built environment. We’re guiding our clients to help them reduce embodied carbon and operational energy; set holistic site-wide sustainability strategies; create and deliver an ESG strategy; and shape buildings that support people’s health and wellbeing.

We’re about positive outcomes for the climate, users, communities, investors and operators.

Making a difference

Our engineers and consultants are making a difference every day. We’re delivering:

  • Decarbonisation strategies for entire estate portfolios
  • Carbon-conscious structural design of new and repurposed buildings
  • Energy efficiency modelling of existing buildings and stranded assets to improve performance
  • Energy and sustainability strategies to influence masterplan design
  • Vehicle modelling to inform EV charging strategies
  • Fire safety design and data capture to inform the ‘golden thread’ in building design
  • Brownfield site analysis to de-risk and unlock redundant assets for future use
  • Acoustic design to create spaces that improve users experience and wellbeing
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems to minimise impacts from new housing schemes
  • Energy transition strategies to promote micro-grids, storage solutions, and new forms of power

We could go on. But we’d rather talk to you and understand what you’re trying to achieve and then work with you to address those challenges.