Our values

It’s our belief that by creating the right workplace environment, we inspire our people and in turn create positive experiences for our clients.

We want our early-career professionals to feel they’ve been heard and given an amazing grounding. We want people more established in their careers to feel they can stretch their legs and achieve so much more with Hydrock. And we want everyone to feel respected, valued and part of our family.

Our ten values were established in 1996 and with a very slight amendment in 2021, they remain as relevant today as ever. Authentic, personal to us, and very much our commitment to our people and the world around us.

  1. We create a genuine, fun atmosphere in our work and a place where people can express themselves.
  2. We believe in the strength of diversity and inclusivity in our workforce.
  3. We are ambitious and we keep our promises.
  4. We are committed to giving something back.
  5. We respect each other and work for a common goal.
  6. We create an environment where our people can thrive.
  7. We believe our families come first.
  8. When challenges arise, we step forwards, not backwards.
  9. We want our staff to take pride in and ownership of the work they do.
  10. We continually seek to improve our governance and sustainability.