Eddy Goldsmith

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Eddy Goldsmith Principal Acoustic Engineer

Eddy, based in our Manchester office, leads our acoustic engineering offering in the North West alongside Lewis Stonehouse, specialising in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and environmental planning.

He focuses on supporting clients with contentious residential, mining and minerals, manufacturing, waste, utilities and energy schemes through planning, permitting and design. Eddy is also passionate about nurturing cultural value through good acoustic design and planning, particularly with regards to the entertainment industry, music venues, community facilities and mixed-use developments.

Eddy values communication as one of the crucial skills in delivering projects successfully, and believes that more stakeholder engagement leads to well balanced, better designed and more sustainable offerings for projects of all sizes.

His portfolio includes projects such as the extraction and processing of 42Mt of ore from the £100m Tulkubash Gold Mine, in Kyrgyzstan; the £82m redevelopment of Dudley City Centre and continual acoustic support during the expansion of the headquarters of Wren Kitchens over a four-year period.