George Daval

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George Daval Senior Consultant, Nuclear

George joined Hydrock in 2021, bringing over eight years of experience in the nuclear industry and a master’s degree in nuclear engineering. Practised in technical leadership roles, he has worked across disciplines to deliver nuclear safety case assessments for a range of facilities, both in the UK and abroad. He has significant experience in radioactive waste management, having worked alongside waste management organisations to assess disposability as well as develop national strategy.

A former nuclear inspector, he has an excellent knowledge of the UK’s regulatory framework and a pragmatic understanding of what is required from a UK Safety Case, including ONR’s expectations in relation to ALARP demonstrations.

Having delivered a range of technical projects to support Hinkley Point C (HPC)’s licensing and construction, he has practical knowledge of the UK EPR and of HPC. He assessed HPC’s safety justification to deliver the nuclear liabilities aspects of ONR’s assessment for the Nuclear Island Concrete (NIC) consent. This included reviewing the systems’ ALARP demonstration and the site’s Integrated Waste Strategy, working with other disciplines to resolve issues.