Graeme Smith

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Graeme Smith Director, Building Performance Engineering

Graeme, an expert in commercial and leisure sector projects worldwide, provides leadership of Hydrock’s Building Performance Engineering team in Bristol.

Graeme has experience in the conception, design, survey, project management and troubleshooting of projects in the UK and overseas. He specialises in low and zero carbon energy systems across the healthcare, residential, industrial, education, leisure and commercial sectors.

His research has led him to successfully implement practical examples of low carbon design including passive cooling, mixed mode ventilation, variable volume systems, river water cooling, combined heat and power, biomass heating and anaerobic digestion. However, his best work is in avoiding complexity and delivering buildings that are truly passive with simple, easy to understand controls and systems that deliver performance at an affordable cost.

As one of only a few certified Passivhaus designers, he promotes the ‘fabric first’ design approach of this rigorous quality standard. Passivhaus is a standard proven to deliver comfort and energy performance as predicted. He is passionate about working closely with clients and end-users to ensure a complete understanding of how a building will be used to close the gap between predicted and actual energy consumption.