Jennifer Richards

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Jennifer Richards Director, Nuclear Management Consultancy

Jenny has over 35 years of experience in the nuclear industry, holding a number of senior positions within both operating organisations and consultancies. Jenny is a Fellow and Ex-Vice President of the Institute of Physics responsible for membership and qualifications.

Jenny’s expertise in safety case development, environmental management and nuclear safety governance has also enabled her to perform independent advisory roles on panels such as Nuclear Safety and Board Assurance Committees for a range of nuclear operators.

In 2005, Jenny founded Nuclear Management Consultancy Limited (NMCL) to provide specialist consultancy services to the nuclear industry, including safety management, organisational capability and regulatory compliance.

In June 2014, Hydrock commenced an investment in NMCL bringing together Hydrock's technical engineering expertise with the strategic experience and capability of NMCL in the nuclear industry. This venture has been highly successful with the business commissioned to carry out a wide range of projects for operators, new build companies and regulators alike. In 2018, Hydrock completed the successful investment with nuclear management consultancy established as a core offering from Hydrock.