Linzie Brown

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Linzie Brown Principal Consultant - Utilities and Smart Energy

Linzie is a leading member of Hydrock’s Smart Energy offering and a key player in delivering this specialist sustainable approach to local-level decarbonisation and energy management.

She works with developers to achieve a sustainable ‘smart’ site through the utilisation of new and existing energy generation technologies to responsibly manage and control consumption, typically via a smart grid. She works directly with key stake holders to provide an energy solution that knits into the requirements for compliance with statutory and regulatory frameworks, together with national and local planning policy.

With an understanding of the financial incentives available to developers, as well as the ever-growing importance of corporate social responsibility, Linzie provides valued engineering; offering low-carbon energy strategies, energy security, resilience and solutions for constrained sites.

In addition to smart energy, she has over seven years’ experience in Utility Consultancy. Specialising in diversionary work, Linzie also provides procurement strategies for new connections and advice on easements/consultation zones from Initial Brief/Master planning to Detailed Design and Build.