Neil Calder

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Neil Calder Consultant, Nuclear Management Consultancy

Based in Scotland, Neil joined Hydrock in 2018 with experience in both the oil and gas and nuclear sectors, as well as site-based and office-based experience working as a graduate civil design consultant.

Neil has worked within the upstream oil and gas industry including working on-board various marine seismic survey vessels as a navigation officer. During his time spent working in this high-hazard industry, he has developed a strong safety culture focus and was responsible for real time systems control as well as rigorous quality checking of complex data.

Neil has excellent interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills through years of working in team environments and has a rigorous training and presenting ethic. He is an adept written and verbal communicator, having hosted and presented design reviews to clients, and regularly presents at QHSE meetings. Neil also has a European Masters in Nuclear Energy MSc.

He was awarded first place at the Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network (YGN) Scottish Speaking Competition 2019 having delivered a presentation on small modular reactors titled "Where do I park my SMR?".