Robert Bracewell

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Robert Bracewell Senior Consultant, Nuclear Management Consultancy

Rob is a pragmatic consultant with a vast amount of experience in the nuclear and high-hazard industries. He’s worked on a range of nuclear safety cases in support of new build projects, operational facilities and decommissioning projects.

Most recently, he’s been working for the Hinkley Point C Commissioning Programme as the Safety Case lead on the UK’s first new nuclear power station to be built in more than two decades. His expertise, combined with excellent stakeholder engagement and interface skills, have proven to be invaluable as the facility moves towards generating first power.

Prior to joining Hydrock, Rob has direct experience of working on a number of prominent nuclear facilities across the UK, including Sellafield, Dounreay and Aldermaston. He also has experience of authoring functional safety assessments in the oil & gas sector.

Like all our team, Rob is excited by the potential of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) as the sector looks to demonstrate to a world in search of a more sustainable future that nuclear power is not only reliable and clean but also a cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuels. He’s recently been working with members of our team to align our capability and develop our proposition for this new market.

Working with our fire safety consultants, Rob is also sharing his experience to develop safety case methodology for developers and asset managers of high-rise residential buildings which will help safeguard future communities.