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Sam Denby Associate, Transportation

Based in Manchester, Sam is a chartered transport planner with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. He has significant experience of working with land owners, developers, professional partners and statutory bodies.

As an accomplished and experienced project manager, he delivers a varied range of projects including site access and feasibility assessments, capacity assessment, development of parking layouts for urban development and the identification of physical and technical measures to mitigate the potential impacts of development related traffic. 

Sam has expert knowledge of computer junction modelling packages ARCADY, PICADY, TRANSYT, LINSIG and LINSAT, and has specialist expertise in the fields of sustainable travel and planning for accessibility, encompassing travel plans, travel surveys, behavioural change strategies, consultation and marketing.  

He also plays a key client-facing role, and is regularly involved in public consultation exercises as a representative of the client’s project team.