8th February, 2021

Sliding doors and changing transport behaviours

As part of a series discussing the changing nature of places and communities in the North West, Hydrock Graduate Transport Planner Sophie Gittins examines our changing behaviours in a post pandemic city.

27th January, 2021

New Orders: Manchester's Fight for the Night

As part of a series discussing the changing nature of places and communities in the North West, Hydrock Associate Acoustics Engineer, Lewis Stonehouse examines Manchester's night time economy.

14th January, 2021

Industry brings prosperity in Bolton

As part of a series discussing the changing nature of places and communities in the North West, Hydrock Regional Director Danny Hope goes back to the future.

22nd October, 2020

Hidden trends in air quality revealed from COVID-19 lockdown

Hydrock Air Quality Engineer Mark Nichols is the co-author of new research revealing that the significant reduction in vehicle movement due to COVID-19 lockdown hasn’t completely led to an overall improvement in air quality.

23rd September, 2020

Helping to end the sound ‘fight’ between developers and nightlife

We recently helped a keen developer and a longstanding nightclub find a ground-breaking solution to a potentially noisy standstill. Our Bristol-based Principal Acoustic Engineer, explains how.

7th September, 2020

Decarbonising our energy supply: it’s ‘when’ as much as ‘what’

Henry Easterbrook argues that exploring the peak times of energy use iskey to decarbonising our energy supply, and mass adoption of technologies will help to spread the load.

6th July, 2020

Digital Waste: a 21st-century ballad

Hydrock's Divisional Director of Acoustics, Ric Hampton, investigates the real environmental cost of our collective digital love affair with snapping, clicking and streaming...

24th June, 2020

Designing for structural fire protection in a post-Grenfell world

Dr Rui Sun, one of Hydrock’s leading fire safety experts, explores the ongoing impact the Grenfell Tower tragedy will have on fire safety engineering.

26th May, 2020

Work space beyond Covid-19 – from B&B to luxury hotel?

Eva Mills, Director at Hydrock, and Yasmin Al-Ani Spence, Director at WilkinsonEyre Architects – two senior women working in technical roles within the built environment – explore how we can use the unexpected time the COVID-19 outbreak ha…

12th May, 2020

How to ensure your smart energy battery storage system is fire safe

Dr Rui Sun explores how to keep your building safe without compromising the benefits of lithium-ion battery storage, one of the most exciting new and innovative energy options.

22nd April, 2020

Overcoming lockdown traffic challenges to deliver transport assessments

Our transport planning director, James McKechnie looks at how we can keep clients’ Transport Assessments moving forward in the current climate and asks if this sheds light on changes for the long-term.

22nd April, 2020

Biomimicry: how engineers can use nature to reduce a building's carbon footprint

Building Performance Engineer Jack Tasman explores how we can incorporate low carbon solutions from across nature into our building designs.