2nd April, 2020

What can Hydrock’s Land Quality and Geotechnical teams do for you during the Covid-19 pandemic?

When it comes to site investigation and geotechnical design work, there are a number of desk-based, or with due care, site-based activities that can still take place. Find out how our Land Quality team can help you.

26th March, 2020

What do you do when the world sounds different?

With huge swathes of the population working remotely, how do we conduct noise surveys, and what’s the impact from the data gathered from receptors in recent days? Lewis Stonehouse offers an alternative way forward.

12th March, 2020

Who’s thinking big picture for the net-zero carbon challenge?

We were delighted to welcome a cross-section of guests from the property and construction industries to our Southampton Smart Energy breakfast, for a fascinating, wide-ranging discussion about the changing energy landscape.

25th February, 2020

Reshaping Birmingham's city centre with an ambitious Transport Plan

Hydrock's Birmingham-based sustainability specialist Rebecca Lydon argues that the city's transport plans need to be drastic to see real change.

19th February, 2020

Meet James McKechnie- representing Hydrock at MIPIM 2020

Zero-carbon. Sense of belonging. Mindsets. Bike ride – James McKechnie gets set for MIPIM 2020

12th February, 2020

Meet Danny Hope - representing Hydrock at MIPIM 2020

Manchester’s neighbourhood feel. Growth areas in the north. Running kit. Family time – Danny Hope gets set for MIPIM 2020

3rd February, 2020

Meet Paul Shelley - representing Hydrock at MIPIM 2020

Kicking on. Site diversity. Investment models. Tom Clancy - Paul Shelley gets set for MIPIM 2020

31st January, 2020

Joint Spatial Planning debacle: where is the south west powerhouse?

Director Henry Easterbrook argues that the abandonment of the Joint Spatial Plan could scupper ambition and suppress investment for the West of England region

29th January, 2020

From coal to goal: how mine water can help us achieve net zero

Divisional Director Scott Elliott explores ground source heat pumps - a low carbon heating option that's right beneath our feet.

24th January, 2020

The 50p solution to violence in prisons

Technical Director Ric Hampton knows the value of a good night's sleep, and was floored by a stat on how a prison have halved violent incidents. He asks: could designing prisons with wellbeing in mind have a lasting positive impact?

22nd January, 2020

Time for the A34 to join the transport debate

The A34 is a vital economic corridor, linking the Thames Valley and the Midlands to the south coast. But it is regularly blocked. Hydrock and planning consultants, Barton Willmore ask: is the A34 on anyone’s agenda?

12th December, 2019

Smooth the transition and the future of energy looks good

We held a Smart Energy roundtable in London, discussing how to clear a path towards a clean energy future. Here are the five key themes that emerged.