10th January, 2019

Five construction-sector tech trends for 2019

What are the top tech trends for 2019 in the engineering design and construction sector? We name our top 5, including AI and machine learning, robotics and generative design. And we give a shout out to the importance of smart data usage.

2nd November, 2018

What a Fitbit can teach us in creating high-performing, sustainable buildings

We have the capability to design high-performing buildings. But how can we call them sustainable if we have no feedback loop in place to monitor and regulate how they are used. Matt Wynn argues what we can learn from Fitbit technology.

25th October, 2018

Why the BBC painted an unfair picture of integrated transport planning

Did the BBC paint an unfair picture of our industry’s approach to residential planning? We think so. Working with house builders and local authorities our experience is of well-planned developments, integrated with transport networks.

23rd October, 2018

Finding the space: dealing with mandatory SuDS on Welsh development sites

From January 7th 2019, all proposed new developments in Wales must include Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) as recognised by Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. So what does this mean for development sites?

15th October, 2018

Asbestos in soils – addressing the risks

James Macfarlane, Hydrock’s specialist lead on managing the risks associated with asbestos in soils, recently gave a Q&A interview to Brownfield Briefing ahead of his session at the Brownfield Land Wales 2018 conference.

16th August, 2018

The profit-boosting power of wellbeing

Wellbeing in the built environment. Investing in buildings is investing in people. Read our opinion piece on the benefits designing in wellbeing can bring to your business.

30th August, 2017

The balance of power - meeting unpredictable future energy demands in a rapidly changing environment

Authored by: Eleanor Wratten, Project Coordinator, Building Performance EngineeringOn a recent trip to Snowdonia, I went on a tour of a pumped storage hydro power station. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a power station that u…

27th July, 2017

Show me the money! Spending the carbon offset fund

Societally, we’re increasingly becoming environmentalists. Bags for life, going paperless, recycling. In general, we make an effort. Even so, it is often far too easy to slip into a calm apathy, and we can find ourselves taking the car whe…

21st February, 2017

Feeling the benefit of driving on a ‘green wave’

You know that feeling when you drive towards a green light and it turns red a few metres before you get there? Frustrating, isn’t it. Think also about the extra fuel you use accelerating to ‘beat’ the light or waste when you slam on the br…