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Hydrock CEO, Brian McConnell featured in Building discussing how Post-Brexit UK engineering must make its mark on the global stage.

Brian McConnell Hydrock

11th February, 2021

Brian McConnell comments that many British firms have been swallowed up by American giants over the years, and that now is the time to push for international expansion.

In this piece, published in Building online in February 2021, Brian discusses how the UK has the opportunity to step up and succeed on its own merits, and export British engineering excellence as part of supporting UK plc on the global stage.

Brian also queries whether we are going about things in the right way to grow the British engineering sector for its long-term success and international reputation. With approximately 40% of the entire UK fee income for consulting engineering controlled by US and Canadian companies, why have we sold off the crown jewels?

Have we reached a stage where the engineering sector is British in name only and what should we do to back the future of British engineering?

Brian shares his views on how to use the ‘end’ of Brexit and the end of the pandemic as a catalyst for British engineering to trade on an international stage and increase market share.

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