Meet Danny Hope - representing Hydrock at MIPIM 2020

Manchester’s neighbourhood feel. Growth areas in the north. Running kit. Family time – Danny Hope gets set for MIPIM 2020.

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12th February, 2020

We caught up with Danny Hope, celebrating five years spearheading Hydrock’s presence in Manchester, and a huge advocate for the quality of the city’s presence in Cannes. Danny told us what he is looking forward to hearing about and talking about at MIPIM:

What do you think will be the most hotly discussed topic at MIPIM 2020?

I expect it will relate to transport and energy and how new innovations are helping to create great places to live and work. We’re sponsoring the Manchester partnership for a third successive year. The main theme is ‘everything is connected’ demonstrating how Manchester is a big city but has a neighbourhood feel. It’s a theme that I like to think we relate to at Hydrock in terms of our breadth of services and our focus on health and wellbeing. I think the importance of creating a sense of place, connection and wellbeing in our urban environments will be a central theme of the event.

In terms of what you specialise in, what are you interested in hearing more about at MIPIM?

I am interested to hear about any new regeneration schemes, particularly those requiring innovative solutions to unlock them. Given our association with Manchester at MIPIM, a key focus for me will be on Greater Manchester, but I will also be closely following discussions and announcements about all the northern regions.

What’s the key thing you want to discuss with other delegates at MIPIM?

I’d like to discuss what the key decision makers believe to be the growth areas in the year ahead across all the northern regions and sectors. I hope to get the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible to hear about their plans and the teams they are forming.

What’s the most important message that Manchester needs to get across at this major international property event?

MIPIM is all about attracting inward investment from other regions of the UK or from overseas. The Manchester partnership is a great way of demonstrating the appetite for collaboration. It’s saying Manchester is ‘open for business’ and is innovative in its approach. The Manchester set up out in Cannes is the envy of the other nations and UK regions and we are very proud to be a part of it.

Danny, you’ve been several times to MIPIM, what do you most enjoy?

What’s great about it is the relaxed atmosphere. When we’re in the UK it can be very difficult for everyone to find the time to meet. I could easily chat to 20 clients in a day in Cannes which might take six weeks back in the UK. Everyone is generally open to chat and in a relaxed frame of mind, which usually leads to opportunities.

What’s your top tip for getting the very best out of the experience?

It’s a fine balance between filling your diary to ensure you get the most out of it and overfilling it. You need to find time to fit in some chance meetings with people. From previous trips, the chance meetings can be the most rewarding.

When you’re packing your case, what important item to you will be included?

First thing in the case is without question the running kit. No matter how tired I might be, I’ll always get out for a run first thing to clear the head and prepare for the day.

What app or music will you turn to on your phone when you need a break from the networking?

To be honest, from past experience there really isn’t time for music or relaxation as you’re out early and back late, so apart from squeezing in a morning run, I find I need to be getting some sleep! The main thing I make sure I do, though, is get a call in to the family even if it’s just a 5-minute chat whilst walking along the Croisette between meetings. I like to hear what they’ve been doing, that’s the best way to take a break!

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