Meet Dilon Hilton - representing Hydrock at MIPIM 2020

Net-zero carbon. Growth of modular. Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. Sunshine and Eminem – Dilon Hilton gets set for MIPIM 2020.

Dilon Hilton Hydrock MIPIM 2020.jpg

21st February, 2020

Fresh from meetings in Liverpool, we sat down with Dilon Hilton who leads Hydrock’s building performance engineering business in the north-west, and he told us what he is looking forward to hearing about and talking about at MIPIM:

What do you think will be the most hotly discussed topic at MIPIM 2020?

Net-zero carbon. I think the discussion will centre around how commercial developers will achieve this both on new and existing stock.

Peel L&P’s achievement of getting a portfolio of office properties across Liverpool and Greater Manchester verified as net-zero carbon at the start of this year has catapulted this debate forward. The next thing will be how to achieve net-zero in housing and for wider strategic masterplans, how you make the whole development net-zero. I think there will be debate around how each city and region approaches this.

In terms of what you specialise in, what are you interested in hearing more about at MIPIM?

I’m eager to hear more about the investment and the future for modular and off-site construction. We’ve got sea-container, flat-pack and volumetric styles, but I want to hear how this will play out internationally, and across the UK, and across different sectors.

Housing is an obvious sector. We need to build homes. But to date ‘modern methods of construction’ is more related to apartment schemes than individual housing. How will this change?

Dilon, what’s the key thing you want to discuss with other delegates at MIPIM?

Very specifically, with other delegates at the Manchester stand, I want to know what they believe the current version of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework to be. Where is it at? When do they think it will be finalised?

What’s the most important message that Manchester needs to get across at this major international property event?

‘Everything is connected’ is the theme for Manchester at MIPIM, and I think it’s vitally important that we show that the city is connected, and indeed connected across the north-west.

If someone wants to invest in Manchester, it’s really important that our city can show we have the infrastructure and the strategy which will enable that investor to succeed. It’s more than about individual great buildings, it’s showing that we have the rail, trams, road, digital and community infrastructure that will make an investment in Manchester worthwhile.

You went to MIPIM for the first time last year, what did you most enjoy?

Sunshine! I’m always happier when the sun is out! But seriously, it was the opportunity to meet so many people and talk informally, which would be so hard to achieve back home.

What’s your top tip for getting the very best out of the experience?

Being flexible with your diary. Make sure that when people call you, you have space in your diary to meet them. You’ll meet people at the start of the week, and you need to have the time to accommodate them for a meeting later in the week.

When you’re packing your case, what important item to you will be included?

Sunglasses! But also phone charger and business cards.

What app or music will you turn to on your phone when you need a break from the networking?

Eminem’s new album – I can play this over and over as I won’t have the kids with me!