Meet Paul Shelley - representing Hydrock at MIPIM 2020

Kicking on. Site diversity. Investment models. Tom Clancy - Paul Shelley gets set for MIPIM 2020

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3rd February, 2020

We caught up with Paul Shelley who will be representing Hydrock as part of the London delegation on the London at MIPIM stand. As Regional Director in our office in Bermondsey, London, Paul told us what he is looking forward to hearing about and talking about at MIPIM:

Paul, what do you think will be most hotly discussed at MIPIM 2020?

The UK’s trajectory post-Brexit is sure to be the hot topic. We’ve definitely moved on now, the economy is solid, and I think discussion will be around to what level we kick on and which sectors will most benefit. Infrastructure and logistics look good, and the residential sector is potentially improving again.

What are you most interested in hearing about?

Is there an appetite to unlock big strategic sites that have been quiet for a long time?

I’m interested to hear whether there is a desire to deliver the infrastructure that would open up these sites. It might be that people have ideas about different funding models, or the investment in off-grid smart energy options to both generate power but also create a tradeable asset.

I want to hear whether people feel that a greater emphasis on placemaking, creating more diversity in the end use of the masterplan, will create more value from sites and help to unlock their development potential.

Ultimately, discussing these sorts of things with other delegates gives ourselves, as engineers, an insight to the market.

You’re representing London at MIPIM. What’s the most important message that London needs to get across at this major international property event?

With infrastructure investment being prioritised elsewhere in the UK, it’s important for London to be demonstrating that it is still very much open for investment too.

London needs to maintain its own momentum on delivering much-needed infrastructure improvements. It’s clearly time to demonstrate that different types of investment model are available and will work. The ‘design, build, finance and maintain’ contract for the Silvertown Tunnel is a great example of a self-funded development that removes burden from the public sector and creates a path to enable investment in our critical infrastructure to continue.

You’ve been to MIPIM several times. What do you most enjoy?

I love the unplanned moments. Just bumping into people you haven’t seen for ages and being able to catch up.

What’s your top tip for getting the very best out of the experience?

My advice is, don’t pack your diary so full that you can’t take advantage of an unplanned, opportunistic meeting. And go with a smile because people are engaged and interested and genuinely want to listen and talk.

Paul, when you’re packing your case, what important item to you will be included?

My running shoes! But I’d also advocate packing a battery bank for your phone!

What will you turn to when you need a break from the networking?

I’ll pick up my Kindle for some literary escapism, albeit, admittedly not a literary great. Tom Clancy!

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