Emma Poynter - Trainee Revit Technician

Emma Poynter

Age: 30
Joined Hydrock: September 2019
Qualification: BA Hons Fine Art degree

Emma, what’s been your route into engineering?

Well, it’s taken me a little while to find what I want to do but I’m here now! I’m a creative person, I make sculptures and stone carvings, and I did a Fine Art degree. The logical route was then to go into teaching. I gave it a go, and although it was great, there was very little design-based work. I decided I wanted to get into the IT side of things and I’d heard about this software called Revit. Unlike CAD it’s 3D-based, so I was really excited. I originally thought it was an architectural or structural programme. I did a couple of courses and discovered what Building Services do. I like applying the design side to real life, so it was a great match!

I’m a little bit older than some people who come straight in at trainee level from school. But this is a good opportunity for me to come in as it’s exciting to work with a piece of software that’s relatively new. I didn’t want to settle for a job that wasn’t satisfying. I spend all of my time at work, so you’ve got to enjoy what you do, don’t you?

Why did you choose Hydrock?

I looked at Hydrock’s website before I came for my interview and it was talking about the company culture and the balance between work and life, and doing good things for charity – and it just felt like it was a good fit for me. I did the Plymouth Breakwater swim for Prostate Cancer UK last year, and it all felt like it was a great fit. Rather than having two sides to me – one personal, one professional – I felt like I could naturally incorporate my arty side and my interests with work.

What do you like about Hydrock?

I know it’s quite cliché, but the people are really nice. I felt very welcome from day one, which was quite scary actually, because I was coming in as a bit of an older trainee, but straight away I felt really welcome. When I went up for my induction in Bristol it was the same sort of atmosphere and it just seems like everyone’s just in it together.

What’s been good about your work so far?

My favourite part of the day job at the moment is that my colleagues are not being too ‘nice’ with the work! They’re challenging me, which is great. I’m not getting bored with the same things to do over and over again – I’m being given new things to work on every day and if I don’t get it or I need help, people are there to help me. It’s hard – but at the same time, it’s really rewarding.

I went to some later living apartments I’d worked on and realised I’ve done a piece of work that’s actually been built! To see a building that I’ve had input into was great.

How’s life at our rural Plymouth office location?

I’m quite outdoorsy so for me it’s nice having the outdoorsy element in an office job – which is very hard to find. I’d previously worked in a town, and I much prefer this!

I live on the outskirts of Plymouth, and I drive across the moors to get to work. It’s such a nice commute in the morning and there’s not much traffic, which is great. You see the cows, deer, pheasants - they all pop out of the bushes! For me, waking up and getting into work every day like that is lovely.

How do you let off steam outside of work, Emma?

I believe exercise has a positive impact on your life – all those happy endorphins. I’ve been swimming since I was four, then I went into being a competitive swimmer to teaching swimming, and now I’ve also moved on to sea swimming. That’s an interesting one for me because I’m absolutely petrified of sea creatures! I like a challenge. I’ve done the Plymouth Break Water which is a 2.2-mile sea swim – three times. It can be hard to fit a lot of the training in, so I started doing night sea swimming, which is actually quite nice if you’re with a good group of people. Everyone in the office thinks I’m a little bit crazy but this is who I am! I don’t shrink from a challenge.

And finally, where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

My goal is to be the Revit master of Plymouth! I’d like to be that person that can be relied on. I have a lot of respect for our national BIM manager Lewis Cullinane and his career path. He’s the guy that can fix everything. That’s the career goal!

I just want to be confident with what I do. I’m not a competitive person as such, I’m more competitive with myself. As long as I’m progressing, and see myself getting better, I’m happy.

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