Hydrock Graduate Development Programme

Our Graduate Development Programme has been specifically designed for engineers at the start of their career with Hydrock.

It enables you to start delivering real outcomes for our clients from day one. Technical and professional qualifications will be built on through supervised on-the-job experience, giving you the opportunity to create strong peer relationships in a multidisciplinary professional network.

The structure of our Graduate Development Programme

The two-year programme is comprised of 12 modules, six of which are delivered by a specialist training consultancy, designed to improve personal effectiveness by raising awareness of what makes you tick: your values, emotions, behaviours and how they impact your success at work. Your understanding of key commercial drivers will deepen and it will allow successful contributions to future business performance.

Emma Ward (pictured right), completed a year in industry placement with Hydrock in 2017. Having completed her degree, she is now a Graduate Building Performance Engineer in Bristol, and is currently on the programme.

"I am lucky enough to be taking part in Hydrock’s Graduate Development Programme. The scheme consists of two parts: half is based on personal effectiveness which is really interesting – you learn about self-awareness, thinking styles and effective working practices while developing relationships with other graduates from Hydrock divisions all around the country.

"The other half of the scheme helps you engage with and learn about the other divisions. It's nice to interact with Brian, the CEO, the Directors of each division, as well as the other graduates who are all starting their career at the same time as me. Joining Hydrock's Graduate Development Programme has been a valuable start to my career and has given me confidence as I begin my engineering journey."