Loving life at Hydrock

Choices. Opportunities. Changes in direction. New adventures. There’s a real diversity amongst our people but they are all connected by enjoying each other’s company and loving life at Hydrock. Here are just some of their stories.

Jack Tasman, Mechanical Engineer

“I had the opportunity to have a taster day at Hydrock. How cool is that!” We’re funding Jack’s HND studies. And he reserved himself a 2-bed house on an community residential scheme he was designing. Meet Jack. 

Eva Mills, Director, Building Performance Engineering

“With Hydrock I’ve felt valued for being me.” Eva joined Hydrock after a 10-year career break. As a ‘returner’ she’s led our work with Dyson and is a leading voice encouraging other females to trust in their skills on returning to work.  Meet Eva

Adam Cheers, Associate Director, Land Quality

“There’s a trust that if required you can be flexible with your time. I like that it’s not ‘official’, it’s not written down.” Adam joined in 2005, supported through chartership, he now leads our Stoke office. Meet Adam.

Sinead George, Junior Structural Technician

“I like that I can see how what I’m learning is applied in the workplace.” We’re funding Sinead’s civil and environmental engineering degree. She was 18 when she joined us, and we’ve already helped her complete a BTEC Level 3 course. Meet Sinead.

Eleanor Wratten, Utilities Consultant

“I’ve worked on that. Let me tell you about it.” That’s what Elle says to her friends when they go past a site she’s advised on. With a history degree, Elle knows she’s taken an unexpected route to the engineering sector. Meet Elle. 

Peter Hall, Building Services Engineer

“It’s the first place I’ve ever looked forward to coming to work.” Peter joined Hydrock in 2015 from a manufacturing and product development background. He enjoys the tangible aspect of our engineering design and working with architects from the get-go.