Our values

Our objective is to maintain a unique, dynamic, working environment where clients' and employees' needs and aspirations are consistently anticipated and exceeded.

Our values are an integral means of achieving this objective and the guiding principles that underpin our award-winning culture. They are implicit in all our activities and reinforced in our approach to work every day.

We create a genuine, fun and inclusive work culture that welcomes diversity and allows everyone to thrive.

We take pride in being open, welcoming and inclusive, ensuring everyone has a positive experience from working at Hydrock.

We exceed our clients’ expectations

We are committed to developing client relationships based on trust, consistent delivery and respect. We provide the best possible service and always look out for our clients’ interests.

We are all willing opportunists

Our can-do attitude and entrepreneurial approach open doors to exciting opportunities for us and our clients. There are no restrictions to what we can do.

Giving something back

We recognise the importance of being socially responsible and seek to use our position to help others and minimise our environmental impact.

We respect each other and work for a common goal

We turn up on time and we work until the job is done. We communicate with each other when challenges arise and try to understand different viewpoints first.

We are committed to continuous professional and personal development

Hydrock employs great people and we want to make sure they are continuously supported in their careers. What's good for the individual is good for Hydrock.

We believe our families come first

This means we are expected to support our families and communicate when we are doing this to our colleagues and, if necessary, clients.

When challenges arise, we step forwards, not backwards

Challenges will always arise in work and life. We want our people to confront challenges head on and work together to manage them.

We want the employees of the company to take ownership

To feel a stake and sense of pride in the company and its culture, to take ownership of their work, and to act as ambassadors for Hydrock in everything they do.

We constantly seek to improve the governance and sustainability of the company

As the company grows we constantly review our governance to ensure that we are doing the right thing. We continuously look to ensure that we operate across the business in a sustainable way.

Share our values? We'd love you to join us.