Steve Jones - BIM Technician

Steve Jones

Age: 28

Joined Hydrock: 2016

Qualifications: GCSE’s and National Diploma in Art & Design

Steve, you’ve been part of our Manchester team from its earliest days. What’s the journey been like?

It’s been fantastic. When I started, we only had 10 people and my role was a mix of being the office administrator and delivering CAD drawings. We’ve nearly quadrupled in size. We’ve now got people delivering fire engineering, acoustics, and nuclear engineering services. My own role has really developed. I now use Revit on a daily basis and I’m part of a community across Hydrock developing our Revit and BIM capabilities which means I’m learning all the time. We’ve also moved into our own office space in a great location and there’s a real social feel in the whole team.

What does your job involve?

I visually model the engineers building services designs. I use Revit to deliver 3D visualisations that show how to co-ordinate the M&E services, where to put the ventilation, the heating and the cooling in a building, and how to construct the plant rooms. These 3D models enable you to see everything as if it was real so you can ensure there are no clashes between the services and that there is room for everything, including access space around it.

I’ve recently worked on the modular design of some schools under the Education and Skills Funding Agency framework, a leadership academy in Bradford and the new residential apartments that are part of the South Bank scheme in Leeds.

I’m part of the BIM community across Hydrock’s national office network. We meet every month to discuss how we’re pushing ahead with BIM. I’m also the IT champion in the Manchester office which means I often help colleagues in other disciplines, such as transport and geo-environmental, with software and hardware upgrades and any CAD queries that anyone has.

How did you get to where you are today?

I left school with GCSE’s and studied Art and Design with an interest in digital graphics in and around where I grew up in East Anglia. After completing a National Diploma, I found work at a 2D CAD drafting company where I stayed for almost five years before meeting my boyfriend and moving to Manchester.

Although I’d never worked in engineering before, I was almost instantly put forward by a recruiter for the role at Hydrock and started immediately.

Hydrock has really invested in my development. I very quickly attended a Revit Fundamentals course, I have our BIM community to learn from, and Lewis Cullinane our national BIM Manager has also been a great go-to person to help me as I’ve developed my knowledge.

What’s good about Hydrock?

The people and the culture. Everyone I’ve met has been so friendly. Our office is buzzing with so many new people as we’ve expanded, I’ve met great people when I’ve been on the company Challenge Day and I always enjoy meeting with the other BIM and Revit technicians.

You work with people for a long time so it’s really important that it’s a good team and it really is here. There’s a lot of trust placed in staff so you can be flexible with your time when you need to be. There’s a strong focus on our wellbeing and I’ve experienced a real opportunity to progress in my career and develop my skills. It’s a very rewarding place to work.

Steve, how’s the team in Manchester?

It’s a great team in the office. I find it easy to ask people about their designs and I learn from the engineers about their ideas and their approaches to designing buildings.

We’ve a great mix of people and we have some great nights out. It’s a very sociable team.

You moved to Manchester. What’s it like?

Lively! It is such a thriving, diverse city. My boyfriend and I live in Ancoats which is an exciting, developing area of the city. I love that everything is available on our doorstep, and if I need to, I can hop on and off the tram which is very convenient.

So much has changed in a relatively short time in Manchester. It’s a very social place and I have made some incredible friends here, colleagues included. I love it.

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