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Job Share Senior Project Manager (3 Days)




Strategic Projects

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Part time

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Unlock the Power of Partnership: Join our Strategic Projects team as a Job Share Senior PM Duo!

Edison and Tesla, Marie and Pierre, French and Saunders … why settle for one brain when you can have two?

We’ve an opportunity we have for a dynamic pair of co-workers to join the team as Job Share Senior Project Manager. Could that be you?  

We’re looking for a duo that can hit the ground running, so ideally this won’t be your first rodeo and you’ll have previously worked together or simply know each other and have a natural chemistry. However, we are also open to individuals who are happy to be paired up with someone new.   

The role is full time 5 days a week. Covering this you’ll both work 3 days each, with one day together for collaboration and to pass the baton. During the handover, you will discuss ideas, to-do lists, and key tasks.

We believe that collaboration fuels innovation and that and that work-life balance is paramount to success. That’s why we’re offering a unique opportunity for two exceptional professionals to balance their work and personal lives and bring about change together. 

This is a real opportunity to work differently and make a difference.

The Role: 

As a Job Share Senior PM Duo, you and your co-worker will be at the helm of driving Hydrock's strategic projects. With each of you bringing unique strengths and expertise to the table, you'll collectively lead projects to unprecedented heights, ensuring a seamless and continuous workflow. 

Imagine the possibilities when two dynamic forces synchronise their skills and perspectives to deliver exceptional results.

What’s going to be special about job sharing within Hydrock's Strategic Projects team?

  • Strength in Unity: By collaborating as a duo, you'll pool your strengths and capabilities to achieve more than ever before. With your co-worker by your side, you'll navigate challenges, brainstorm solutions, and elevate your project management game all within the supportive environment of the wider Strategic Projects team. 
  • Flexibility Redefined: Our innovative job share model allows you both to design a schedule that suits your individual needs, enabling you to excel in your role while maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium.
  • Continuous Delivery: With one of you working, the other off, and seamless knowledge transfer, projects move forward non-stop. Our commitment to progress means our clients' visions are realised faster, and your skills are constantly sharpened.
  • Championing Diversity: Embrace the power of diversity in thinking and experience. Together, you'll broaden perspectives and drive change within our business, setting new standards for project excellence. 
  • Empowering Growth: Our supportive culture encourages your professional development. As you navigate your shared role, you'll acquire new skills, refine existing ones, and emerge as stronger, more adaptable leaders.

“We're not just offering a job share opportunity – we're inviting you to be part of a revolutionary way of working that amplifies your impact and empowers your growth whilst maintaining a healthy worklife balance. Join us as a Job Share Senior PM Duo, and let's co-create a future where partnership ignites success."

Are you?

  • Passionate about the built environment we all live and work in?
  • Highly organised yet agile enough to deal with dynamic and reactive activities?
  • Confident at building and maintaining valued relationships with people?
  • Cultivate interdependent working between people outside of your direct control?
  • Know how to seed, nurture and harvest business opportunities?

 If you’ve answered an enthusiastic ‘yes’ to these questions we could be a great fit for each other.

Our elevator pitch:

Our Strategic Projects team is a diverse human centric team of people from a wide variety of built environment backgrounds, working to deliver a standout approach to the complexities of integrated engineering services.

Our team provides an approachable, adaptable, accountable single point of contact for key projects.   

What qualifications do I need?
There are no specific prerequisite qualifications for this role. The established team are from a range of engineering, scientific, consulting and planning backgrounds and have a variety of different qualifications.

Following appointment, we’d require and support you to successfully acquire a relevant professional qualification (PMQ) and accreditation with APM, or similar.


  • Lead large complex projects, including internal and supplier delivery performance, relationships, financial performance, risk management and problem resolution.
  • Understand and lead by example the processes such as Quality Control, Opportunity Assessment, Instruction, Change Control, H&S Reviews, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial, 3rd Party Supplier Appointment, etc.
  • Proactively lead the highly accurate reporting of your project invoicing, aged debt, third-party accruals, orders and prospects to inform our KPIs.
  • Plan and lead project set up meetings, regular internal project update and project closure reviews with all teams.
  • Read and appreciate the technical team’s output, highlight the interdependencies and facilitate a fully integrated set of Hydrock deliverables for our clients.

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