Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Modelling

Whether you are a private investor, asset owner/operator, Local Authority or charge point operator, EV charging infrastructure represents major investment.

The nature of this fast-emerging market has meant that until now, decisions that may be worth £millions are being made without real insights, leading to unnecessary risk and expense.

To address this evidence gap, Hydrock has developed StratEV.

StratEV is the only modelling tool of its kind and works by drawing together data regarding usage, power demand and revenue, enabling EV charging developers to provide the most efficient solutions in terms of reducing cost and maximising future utilisation.

StratEV helps our clients to:

  • Future proof car-parking (on- and off-street)
  • Step away from naïve prediction techniques
  • Predict day-one and future charging usage
  • Assess power consumption
  • Review revenue scenarios
  • Evidence proposed levels of provision (considering local policy requirements)
  • Optimise energy usage alongside other on-site demand (e.g. existing / proposed buildings).
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Avoid over-specifying and over-spending

Unlike traditional ways of specifying power connections for charging infrastructure, StratEV combines electrical engineering inputs with Hydrock’s transport modelling expertise, providing a critical grain of detail regarding where EV charging users originate, their destinations, fleet composition and likely level of charge on arrival/departure. These details are fundamental to the optimisation of EV charging provision, avoidance of abortive costs as EV infrastructure rolls-out internationally, and cannot be provided using other methods.

Hydrock can also model the distribution of vehicle charging speeds in the area, allowing us to predict the power draw on the local grid during the busiest periods. Predicting this can identify where curtailment will occur (a reduction in charging speed during the busiest periods), and whether smart energy solutions (on- or off-site) could reduce the draw on the local power network.

Choosing the right EV charging strategy for your site(s)

Are you looking to introduce EV charging infrastructure across your portfolio but need advice about which sites to prioritise?

Perhaps you are looking to maximise ROI and minimise grid connection costs on a single site? Perhaps it's both, or another related challenge. Hydrock can help. Just drop us a line and we'll be in touch.

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Our track record

We’re working with a number of clients delivering area-wide assessments of potential EV charging sites, enabling authorities to review their estates and provide charging in the optimum locations in terms of demand, accessibility, geographic spread, potential revenue, and cost of installation.

Hydrock is also using StratEV to provide a fine grain of data in relation to EV charging provision at a site-specific level. For example, StratEV is informing the charging provision at a new multi-modal travel hub which enables transfer between car, bus, rail, walk, cycle and micro e-mobility modes.

StratEV data has been the basis for the number/type of proposed chargers, the required grid connection/on-site electrical infrastructure, and associated revenue calculations, de-risking the project in terms of avoiding abortive costs, whilst providing the right chargers in the right location now and into the future.

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