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EV Charging Strategy for Local Authorities

Understanding the EV charging challenges facing Local Authorities

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The right EV charging strategy can make or break EV uptake in your area.

Councils are facing a complex issue: diminishing car use is a positive step towards decarbonisation, yet reduced demand for car parks - through Covid, increased online shopping/reduced patronage locally, increased use of sustainable transport, and other factors - has impacted a key revenue stream for local authorities.

In order to support the adoption of EVs, adequate provision of EV charging infrastructure is critical.

We are advising Local Authorities on how the right EV charging strategy can both encourage EV uptake (realising net zero ambitions), and perform as an effective income stream, protecting and future-proofing Council parking assets against local competition.

Introducing StratEV

Whether you are looking to implement a city-wide EV charging strategy; create community charging hubs; understand power demand and energy provision options (including onsite energy generation and vehicle-to-grid revenue streams); or ensure your charging strategy is fair and equitable, we are positioned to provide a data-led approach to charge point investment, minimising risk and future-proofing your assets.

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Helping Local Authorities in the roll out of EV charging infrastructure

Together, we can:

  • Help you achieve your net zero ambitions in rapid time
  • Account for socioeconomic factors that affect EV charge point strategy
  • Calculate demand for EV charge points at an unlimited number of sites
  • Advise you on how best to utilise existing assets by introducing EV charge points to generate income
  • Advise you on how to deliver accessible EV charge points to those without private connections
  • Help determine your energy strategy, ensuring EV charge points are financially accessible to those without off-street charging access
  • Build revenue resilience and future-proofing into your car parking stock - including predicting parking demand up to 2050
  • Advise on car park improvements, rationalisation, consolidation or redevelopment where relevant

StratEV: How best to invest to maximise revenue and future proof your assets

Hydrock’s StratEV modelling tool demonstrates how to maximise ‘bang for buck’ from investment in EV charging infrastructure, avoiding needless over-spending and ensuring accessibility for all.

As electric vehicle use is set to increase almost 20-fold over the next seven years (requiring 40 to 50 charge points to be installed per day between now and 2035 to meet demand) the market for electric vehicles and EV charge points is a rapidly emerging one, and a critical part of achieving local authority net zero ambitions.

Our local authority clients tell us the race to deliver adequate charging infrastructure within a limited funded environment requires informed, accurate specification. We use an intelligence-led approach to calculate accurate demand, revenue generation, and energy profiling, ensuring fairness and social equity.

The breadth and accuracy of our data analysis means StratEV is the only model of its type in the industry.

Different levels of assessment

StratEV Lite

Before delving into the detail of a specific site, clients with multiple sites are requesting a high-level analysis of overall site suitability across their portfolios, including likely demand, best mix of chargers, and an indication of potential revenue. Put simply, this is a 'where do we start?' service.

Full StratEV

In addition to the higher level, strategic advice, we offer a full analysis of your site(s). Using StratEV adds significant detail to the above, including power requirements/capacity, behavioural inputs, origins/destinations, journey purpose, and level of charge on arrival/departure.

Compare the differences between StratEV versions.

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