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Hydrock secures first inland surfing lake project in Scotland

15th Mar 2024

We’re celebrating our latest appointment to an inland surf lake, the Lost Shore project, in Edinburgh — with our MEP team ensuring the lake’s water treatment systems are properly designed and implemented.

Set to make waves as Scotland's first inland wave park, this exciting venture is commissioned by Tartan Leisure and promises to transform a former quarry into a hub of surfing action.

Our team is delivering the designs for the crucial pipework connecting the water treatment equipment to the cove and back, along with the technical design stage information needed for accurate contractor costings and prefabrication manufacturing. Leveraging our now intimate knowledge of WaveGarden technology, our team will ensure a fully-coordinated and buildable solution using advanced 3D software.

Ryan Morton, associate in our MEP team, said:

Being part of the team that's bringing Scotland its first inland wave park is truly exciting. It's not just a project; it's a statement of Hydrock's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in engineering. We're making waves, literally and figuratively, by supporting the transformation of a former quarry into a surfing and leisure destination.

The Lost Shore project stands out as something a little bit special, transforming a long-forgotten quarry into a vibrant community hub. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with Hydrock's commitment to environmental stewardship, demonstrating our expertise in reimagining challenging spaces into thriving destinations.

Hydrock’s technical expertise was recommended to the client by WaveGarden, a long-standing relationship that started with the Wave in Bristol and continues to be led by our strategic projects team at sites all around the world.

To date, we’ve collaborated on 15 surf lake projects which, alongside fostering a more inclusive and accessible surfing culture, are helping to generate economic prosperity for local communities.

Adam Anthony, divisional director — strategic projects, said:

These projects are intriguing and exhilarating to work on as the modern changes to the surf park sub-sector — the inclusion of broader audiences along with core surfers — has forced surf parks to evolve from being a place that focused on wave technology and a premium surf experience, to one that’s looking at programming and designing the attractions and guest experience as a whole: the spaces, the site narrative, activities, facilities, and entertainment. That’s where masterplanners and creative engineers are now playing a leading role.

As the excitement builds, Lost Shore is expected to open later in 2024, marking a significant moment for the city of Edinburgh.

Other arts, leisure and tourism sector projects Hydrock is supporting in the region include the latest phase of the transformative redevelopment of Pitlochry Festival Theatre, The R&A headquarters and National Galleries of Scotland.