The importance of the culture of challenge in the nuclear industry

Challenge Nuclear Industry

27th April, 2015

In the April edition of Nuclear Future, our specialist business Nuclear Management Consultancy Ltd (NMCL) has authored an article on why the culture of challenge is vital when dealing with nuclear safety issues.

Written by Jennifer Richards, Peter Sibley and Howard Robinson of NMCL, the article details how we have encouraged this approach in Japan in supporting the Fukushima clean-up operation.

Cultures in other countries, including Japan, are often very different to those in the UK. However, the concept of challenge, which is so inherent to UK nuclear licensing, is now starting to be adopted. This article notes that since the accident at Fukushima, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has formed the Nuclear Safety Oversight Office (NSOO) in order to introduce a more rigorous and structured process of challenge helping to address potential previous issues.

Our NMCL team has made several visits to Japan providing experience and knowledge as detailed in this article.

Download the full article below, which is reproduced with the kind permission of The Nuclear Institute.

Nuclear Future Volume 11

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