We're celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2021

24th June, 2021

Inspired by this week's celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, we have produced an honest and forthright talking heads piece interviewing three of our professional colleagues at different stages of their careers, with different specialisms.

We wanted to give an authentic voice to what it means to be a woman in engineering in 2021. The video focuses on personal experiences and viewpoints on:

  • A celebration of what a diverse workforce brings to the industry.
  • Ambition for progression, recognition and power within the industry and not being afraid to ask for it.
  • Proactive yet simple ways men can help women to be seen and heard.
  • The opportunity to spot engineering as a career choice early on, whether it’s through STEM subjects at school, or making the connection that you like ‘sums and spreadsheets’.

Catch this year's video above.