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Andrew Bradshaw


MSc, MSci

In May 2023, Hydrock expanded its expertise with the acquisition of Fore Consulting, a leading transport and strategic planning consultancy. Founded in 2011 in Leeds, Fore has a 20-strong team, led by experienced directors who are leading practitioners in transport advice.

Andrew is a director at Fore, with over 21 years of experience in transport consultancy. He has a broad background in transport with extensive experience of transport assessment, travel planning, scheme design and transport appraisal. He has a solid reputation as an accomplished modeler proficient in using Aimsun software and specialises in macroscopic, mesoscopic and microsimulation modelling, This allows thorough and detailed modelling of any transport proposal, from a single junction to whole cities and regions.

Andrew has made significant contributions to a diverse range of projects, from modelling local plans in Middlesbrough and Medway to bus and active travel schemes in Sheffield and Wakefield, showcasing his expertise and problem-solving abilities. He is renowned for pioneering the use of two-tiered macroscopic and microsimulation models, effectively combining the advantages of strategic transport modelling with detailed local modelling and transforming the speed and scale over which multi-modal microsimulation modelling can be applied. This holistic approach enables the true impact of transport schemes to be determined, improving decision making and ensuring that the right schemes are delivered. His approach emphasises collaboration with project teams and stakeholders to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex transport challenges.

With a commitment to excellence, Andrew is a member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, and holds a Master of Science (Distinction) in Transport Planning Practice from the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. His dedication to advancing the field is evident in his publications, including articles in Traffic Technology International and Traffic Engineering and Control, where he explores various aspects of microsimulation modelling and its role in modern transport assessment.