Agri-business park, Cornwall

We provided Smart Energy and utilities consultancy to support the development of a new agri-business park in Cornwall, developed by an estate agent.

Agri Business Park.jpg

The mixed-use development will provide a number of industrial, agricultural and commercial uses. The rural site is located in a difficult spot for a standard Distribution Network Operator (DNO) connection, which would have required the installation of at least 3km of cable, with an associated cost of £2 million.

Consequently, our smart energy experts investigated a number of interventions to help unlock the site, including demand side response, on site generation and storage, load shifting, revenue generators and technology solutions to optimise the energy strategy.

Following detailed techno-economic modelling of the site, a series of multi-technology interventions were reviewed in terms of their cost-benefit to the scheme. This included off-grid options and on-site gas generators, renewable power (photovoltaic and wind generators), heat generators and battery storage. We also found significant cost saving potential through load management and load shifting.