Desiderata, Lagos

Our extensive thermal modelling and intricate design of energy systems has brought efficiency to the M&E specification of a 60,000 sq ft commercial development in central Lagos.

Desiderata - Banana Island - Nigeria - Bristol Central_web.jpg

Hydrock provided M&E design consultancy for a 60,000 sq ft commercial development on Banana Island in Central Lagos. Designed by architects AWW, this £9.8m project features seven storeys of flexible office space, a high-quality reception area and two floors of car parking.

Our team carried out an extensive thermal modelling exercise which resulted in recommending the use of a variable refrigerant flow (VFR) system which uses refrigerant as the heating and cooling medium in a single unit distributed to multiple fan-coil units.

Our modelling proved that this is the most efficient way to meet our client’s brief and the hot climate in Nigeria. In addition, solar modelling of alternative configurations of solar shading and glazing specification were used to minimise energy consumption and provide best value for the façade solutions.

Challenges and solutions

Project challenges included the requirement to design a system which could be sub-divided to multiple tenancies, without the landlord needing to manage the energy metering. With our solution, all HVAC and power systems are independent for each demise and fed from a tenant power meter. In addition, the local supply chain dictated that simple, robust solutions be used to avoid unnecessary complexity.

This area of Lagos suffers from insecure power supplies. To deal with this, the building is provided with full load generators and 14 days’ fuel storage, with generator plant integrated into the building in a discreet manner.

Fire engineering is also a significant challenge, and we designed a full sprinkler coverage and staircase pressurisation to comply with NFPA international fire standard.

The building was completed in spring 2019.