Hicks Gate Fire Station, Keynsham

We helped design the first brand new fire station in Avon since 1980.

Hicks Gate Fire Station, Keynsham

We provided structural and civil engineering design services to Avon Fire Authority for the development of a new fire station between Bristol and Bath – the first brand new station to open in Avon since 1980.

The development, which comprises a five-bay fire station and associated training facilities, is located just to the south east of the Hicks Gate roundabout on the outskirts of Keynsham and is ideally situated for easy access to Bath, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Extensive groundworks were a key part of this project. The work involved remodelling existing spoil heaps and surplus material which had been left on site following the construction of the Bristol ring road, with over 4m depth of fill needed to build the site up to the requisite level. 

Faced with the potential cost of piled foundations required to support the building, we undertook additional geotechnical site investigations and carried out a detailed cut and fill analysis in order to validate a more cost-effective foundation solution. The results of our work allowed an innovative ground improvement system to be used to strengthen the soils, which further enabled the use of conventional shallow foundations.  Our work on this project has subsequently led to a similar commission for a replacement fire station in central Bristol.

The project is part of Avon Fire and Rescue Service’s drive to make annual savings of £4.5 million through its Investing for the Future programme. With construction having begun in March 2015, work is on target for the station to be fully operational by early 2016.

Image courtesy of AHR