Truro Loops, Cornwall

Our Transportation consultants are working on the Truro Loops project, an ambitious concept to improve connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians in and around Truro, including potential provision of two bridges over Truro River and as visitor facilities.

Truro Loops

Hydrock has been appointed to the project team which is being led by Cornwall Environmental Consultants (CEC). A range of environmental, social and economic benefits have been identified as part of the feasibility study for the Truro Loops project.  It aims to boost footfall to businesses in the area and the plans include two new bridges across the Truro River to link the waterfront and the city.  

Six new routes are planned and previously neglected parts of the city will be opened up with improved accessibility for the local community and visitors.  

Hydrock’s transportation team produced a Transport Study which assessed numerous data sets including Personal Injury Accident (PIA) data, traffic count data, social and cultural data in order to identify suitable pedestrian/cycle routes around Truro, as well as improvements to existing routes.

A methodology was undertaken to ascertain/identify highway links that may be incorporated within one or more of the loops. A number of highway improvements were put forward including widening of pavements, new signage and high-quality bus stops and modifying the priority in favour of pedestrians/cyclists. 

Our transportation specialists were part of the team which led a public consultation event in November 2017 to discuss the improvements to stakeholders and members of the general public.

Hydrock has also produced a Flood Risk assessment to support the scheme.

Our work has provided information and recommendations that will feed into the progression of the overall scheme, alongside other disciplines, in order to create synergies between various projects and funding streams and coordinating aspirations and requirements of different user groups. 

The key stakeholders that Hydrock’s work will help influence include Truro City Council, Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency, Natural England, the Harbour Authority, Newham and Truro BIDs and local businesses, local residents, Truro boat owners, local cycle and river user groups, and people progressing local projects.

The scheme is a direct contribution to sustainable development in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Cornwall Council Local Plan.