Wylfa Newydd Power Station

We helped prepare Horizon Nuclear Power for an oral hearing with experts from across all EU Member States and the European Commission, as part of the regulatory approval process to build a new nuclear power station on the Isle of Anglesey.

Wylfa Newydd.jpg

Hydrock’s nuclear team was appointed to help prepare Horizon Nuclear Power and the UK Government’s delegation for the examination in an oral hearing of the Article 37 Euratom submission to the European Commission. 

This submission and subsequent presentation and response to expert technical questions at an oral hearing is a process designed to confirm that there will be no significant environmental impact from radioactive discharges on the other European Union member states from a new power station – in this case, Wylfa Newydd on the Isle of Anglesey in north Wales.

Led by Joe McHugh from Hydrock, a former member of the EU/EC group of nuclear experts, we recruited a team of four experts and arranged a ‘mock’ oral hearing to help Horizon’s senior team, officials from The Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and regulators from the Office for Nuclear Regulation, Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales, to prepare for the UK’s presentation to the Commission’s Group of experts. 

Using our knowledge and experience we ensured the ‘mock’ hearing accurately replicated the real thing as closely as possible, with our team helping the UK delegation experience the tough and searching questions they could expect from the group of experts that the Commission would subsequently draw together from across EU Member States.

Our team consisted of Hydrock nuclear associates who are internationally recognised as experts in their field with Joe chairing the two-day ‘mock’ hearing which was based on the actual submission Horizon had prepared. The team also observed and commented on the “dress rehearsal” for the oral hearing.

Following the hearing, the European Commission published a positive opinion on the Wylfa Article 37 submission, confirming that the station will not have significant health or environmental impacts on other Member States. Horizon, and the Head of the UK delegation from BEIS, acknowledged Hydrock’s contribution as mock panel judges, which had helped refine their performance at the hearing and secure a successful outcome.