Our wide range of engineering skills help clients in the energy sector to develop secure, sustainable and affordable energy systems capable of meeting the growing demand for heat and power.

Our work spans the whole lifecycle of an energy project, from feasibility studies to determine site selection, through pre-planning and design to construction, operation and divestment. We work with energy suppliers, developers, investors, regulators and local authorities.

Our track record covers all forms of energy and power generation. Our experience in the nuclear sector is well documented and includes our work under the Magnox framework and the work of our specialist management consultancy business, Hydrock NMCL. 

We also work with leading utility providers, back-up energy generation and storage companies supporting the grid, developers of specialist bio-mass and waste-to-energy facilities. In addition, we also advise on the feasibility of potential wind and solar farms and the decommissioning of former oil and gas terminals.

Breadth of delivery

  • Our land quality and geotechnical specialists are engaged in assessing operational and legacy sites for potential contaminants of concern, devising remedial strategies to secure appropriate permits for future activities.
  • All our multi-disciplinary teams contribute to due diligence assessments to support organisations looking at potential sites to place back-up energy generation and storage to support the grid.
  • Our structural engineers design renewable energy facilities such as waste-to-energy plants, all delivered to a minimum of BIM Level 2.
  • Our transportation specialists advise clients on how to safely transport unusually large loads, such as wind turbine blades, to remote sites.

In all cases, our teams are experienced at working in challenging environments where access is restricted or the requirements to manage the sensitivities and interests of multiple stakeholders is of paramount importance.


Our full range of services is engaged in delivering solutions to the energy sector, for example:

Through our specialist business, Hydrock NMCL, we are at the forefront of influencing and creating safety, environmental and engineering standards that are helping to shape the future of the nuclear industry.

We provide a range of consultancy services to help organisations demonstrate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for the nuclear industry. We work with both operators and regulators in the UK and internationally at all stages of the nuclear lifecycle, from new build, through existing generation to decommissioning. You can find further information here.

All our work for diverse clients across this wide-ranging sector is aimed at ensuring our clients can deliver a long-term, secure, reliable and affordable low-carbon energy supply.