For over 20 years Hydrock has helped utility infrastructure owners develop ambitious facilities while managing their environmental and regulatory obligations.

Hydrock offers technical consultancy and project management across a number of utility services. We help clients address the long-term needs of their customers, while achieving their commercial goals.

Environmental management of asset portfolios

We work with utility providers to assess their asset portfolios, advising on site conditions, environmental liability and environmental regulatory requirements. We understand the need for efficiencies, both operationally and economically, and work hard to ensure our clients get the best possible return on investment.

Our teams are experienced at working in difficult environments where access is restricted or the requirement to manage the sensitivities and interests of multiple stakeholders is of paramount importance.

We provide hazard identification and risk management advice to our clients; for example advising how critical infrastructure may be affected by flooding, and how third party/adjacent land owners may be affected by the structures on our client's sites. This typically results in an options appraisal for risk management and potential mitigation.

We are registered with the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database for the delivery of work in the utilities sector and we hold Verify Category B2 accreditations for health and safety, the highest level of accreditation for on-site delivery.

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