Building Performance Engineering

Imagine a building. The walls and structure fulfil a clear, vital purpose. But its performance - bringing it to life, the air, heat, communications systems, light, power… that’s building performance engineering. It’s much more than traditional M&E.

Unconstrained by convention, our approach is to influence the performance of a building at the earliest conceptual stages, finding solutions that are simple and create a sense of wellbeing, delivering value through efficiency. 

We take a holistic approach. We look at the multiple facets that feed into or influence design and performance beyond just M&E. We unravel and integrate wider issues such as fire, acoustics, utilities, air quality, sustainability and building physics to create real value.

We have a unique and unrivalled understanding of how engineering can influence the value of the built environment. 

You can explore our services in more detail below, as well as the key people to contact. 

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