Our skylines are increasingly defined by the impact of air quality, such is its environmental importance. The inextricable link between clean air and wellbeing makes it a critical piece of the urban development puzzle – and one we’re helping to solve.

Through air quality assessments and air quality statements, we provide the data that shows the impact of a proposed development on the air quality of an existing environment, and vice versa.

Whether it’s a new housing development requiring point source assessments (including chimney, flue and stack), or changing transportation infrastructure needing traffic assessments, the ability to illustrate any impact on air quality is now a fundamental part of the planning process.

Hydrock is renowned for the thoroughness and dependability of our air quality reports, but it also helps that our air quality expertise is offered as part of a wider suite of pre-planning services – including acoustics, utilities and much more.

How can we reduce emissions and improve air quality? Read more on our work to implement green waves - the synchronisation of traffic signals to enable the smoothest possible traffic flow - resulting in a 10% reduction of emissions.