Flood risk

With ever-increasing levels of land development and continuing impacts of climate change, the risk of flooding to property grows all the time.

Flood risk is firmly established as an essential component of the development process, and one that can fundamentally affect feasibility. At Hydrock, we have a highly specialist and experienced team appraising, managing and reducing flood risk threats for clients to unlock development potential.

Our application of cutting-edge ISIS/TUFLOW modelling technology in combination with a range of geographic information system (GIS) tools enables us to significantly refine site-specific flood zones and also manage and mitigate impacts further afield.

The early engagement of our team in the development process is the key to success. Through the application of these modelling techniques, we work with developers to tackle flood risk issues and explore the implications and costs of proposed mitigation measures. This is critical to ensure development is appropriate to the site and to maximise the likelihood of approval.

Undertaking this work before incurring costs for work associated with preliminary design is crucial to determining the viability of any scheme.

Who do we work with?

National house builders, large energy and utility service providers, commercial developers, public bodies and private individuals – the list is wide and varied.

All projects demand high-level technical discussions and negotiations with the Environment Agency and local authorities, informed by our own extensive understanding of existing and developing legislation.

Stakeholder engagement 

Flood risk is understandably a highly emotive subject. Our use of cutting-edge modelling techniques is designed to take informed, safe and practical decision-making to another level. However, land development is always subjective, and our support of clients in stakeholder engagement is crucial.

We have excellent relationships with the Environment Agency and local authorities and regularly present our findings, thoughts and suggestions to regulators and community bodies, listening to concerns and providing empathetic and reasoned responses to help achieve outcomes that work for all.

A snapshot of our services

From a planning perspective, we deliver:

  • Site-specific flood risk assessments
  • Assessment of existing and post-development storm water run-off rates
  • Drainage strategy development
  • Site-specific refinement of flood zonation maps

From a design perspective, we deliver:

  • Optimisation of site layout from a flood risk perspective
  • Determination of minimum finished floor levels
  • Advice on flood resistance and resilience measures, and protection
  • Storm water drainage design

In addition, we also provide expert witness services at planning appeal stage.

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