Building Performance Modelling

One of the most powerful design tools we have at our disposal is the ability to model the movement of light, air and energy in and around buildings before the form is set to create buildings that make the most of their environment.

Building Performance Optimisation

Buildings are often occupied and utilised in ways that were not anticipated during the design process and, because of this, many buildings are struggling to meet comfort requirements or need to be modified to minimise their operational energy.

Building Safety Bill ‒ Gateway one

We outline the changes in the new Fire Safety Bill and, in particular, what's now expected at Planning Gateway One.

Carbon Verification and Validation Services

Our carbon management specialists will help you to manage, record and verify your carbon footprint claims with confidence and credibility.

Construction Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring Services

Demolition and construction works are key to improving and futureproofing our communities and are common place in our everyday lives. We’re on hand to help demolition and construction companies fulfil their legal obligations and comply with environmental regulations.

Daylight and sunlight studies

A key requirement of planning will be an over-shadowing analysis – how a proposed development will impact daylight and sunlight on existing adjoining and adjacent buildings. Equally, for the comfort of building users, how can building design be optimised to maximise access to daylight and sunlight whilst minimising the risk of overheating?

ESG Strategy and Reporting

With investment partners using environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to assess material risks, we will benchmark your real estate assets and help you develop an ESG strategy that reflects your organisation’s vision and purpose.

External Wall Fire Review Process

Hydrock’s External Wall Fire Review team work with surveyors, property managers, investors, local authorities and developers to assist with the external wall fire review process on residential buildings that exceed 18m in height.

Fire engineering

Across all types of building structures, we deliver fire safety strategies and fire engineering design that delivers regulatory approval and achieves the architectural objective whilst providing an efficient solution that is not over-engineered.

Fire risk management

With a focus on multi-site property portfolios and large, complex buildings, we assess the effectiveness of existing fire risk management strategies, audit fire risk management protocols and recommend areas for improvement.

MEPH systems design

The real test of successful MEPH design is users and building occupants being totally unaware of their existence. Getting it right is where we come in. We design all the fundamental mechanical and electrical systems that enable a building to be used efficiently and sustainably, delivering comfort, ease of use, safety and asset value.

Net Zero Strategy

We will guide you, step-by-step, on the most cost-effective roadmap to net zero so you can view profitability and sustainability as two sides of the same coin.