Our acoustic engineers work with clients every step of the way, expertly weaving sound acoustic design into the very fabric of a building. This helps secure planning permission, avoids expensive retrofitting, and ensures the creation of quality space.

Air quality

Whether it’s a new housing development requiring point source assessments (including chimney, flue and stack), or changing transportation infrastructure needing traffic assessments, the ability to illustrate any impact on air quality is now a fundamental part of the planning process.

Building Performance Modelling

One of the most powerful design tools we have at our disposal is the ability to model the movement of light, air and energy in and around buildings before the form is set to create buildings that make the most of their environment.

Daylight and sunlight studies

A key requirement of planning will be an over-shadowing analysis – how a proposed development will impact daylight and sunlight on existing adjoining and adjacent buildings. Equally, for the comfort of building users, how can building design be optimised to maximise access to daylight and sunlight whilst minimising the risk of overheating?

Disposability strategies and records management

Our experienced nuclear technical consultants support producers of radioactive waste in the successful development of disposability cases for higher activity radioactive wastes where eventual disposal to a UK geological disposal facility is the intended management strategy.

Environmental assessments and sustainability

BREEAM, Passivhaus, WELL, LEED, Home Quality Mark, Green Star… Faced by a myriad of voluntary building standards and codes, as an architect, developer, investor or occupier, we design buildings that deliver a return on investment and help you comply with planning regulations.

Environmental management and assessment

With experience in both radiological and conventional environmental management, our nuclear specialists offer a broad range of technical and practical expertise to enable our clients to meet regulatory and legal requirements across the nuclear lifecycle.

Expert advice and challenge

At the heart of our nuclear management consultancy offering is the provision of expert advice across a wide range of nuclear disciplines – from nuclear safety governance and culture to decommissioning strategy and development of corporate governance arrangements.

Fire engineering

Across all types of building structures, we deliver fire safety strategies and fire engineering design that delivers regulatory approval and achieves the architectural objective whilst providing an efficient solution that is not over-engineered.

Fire risk management

With a focus on multi-site property portfolios and large, complex buildings, we assess the effectiveness of existing fire risk management strategies, audit fire risk management protocols and recommend areas for improvement.

Independent peer review

Our team of highly experienced nuclear consultants deliver both independent and critical reviews of technical and strategic documentation ahead of submission to nuclear regulators, including safety case submissions and best available technique assessments.

Master planning

Planning and master planning caters for the rapidly changing requirements of the public realm, including population size, technology and waste management. Our designers are considering energy, wind, air quality, utilities and waste management to maximise the ultimate sustainability of a site.