Nuclear and industrial fire safety

We advise on fire safety management at nuclear, oil and gas, and other high hazard facilities. Our fire engineering modelling and analysis, and our work on education, process and procedure ensures our clients create safe environments in these critical industries.

Nuclear disposability strategies and records management

Our experienced nuclear technical consultants support producers of radioactive waste in the successful development of disposability cases for higher activity radioactive wastes where eventual disposal to a UK geological disposal facility is the intended management strategy.

Nuclear environmental management and assessment

With experience in both radiological and conventional environmental management, our nuclear specialists offer a broad range of technical and practical expertise to enable our clients to meet regulatory and legal requirements across the nuclear lifecycle.

Nuclear expert advice and challenge

At the heart of our nuclear management consultancy offering is the provision of expert advice across a wide range of nuclear disciplines – from nuclear safety governance and culture to decommissioning strategy and development of corporate governance arrangements.

Nuclear Independent peer review

Our team of highly experienced nuclear consultants deliver both independent and critical reviews of technical and strategic documentation ahead of submission to nuclear regulators, including safety case submissions and best available technique assessments.

Nuclear organisational capability

For prospective nuclear site licensees involved in the development of new nuclear power stations in the UK, we support development of an appropriate and proportionate organisational capability in order to demonstrate compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Nuclear safety case management and development

Our nuclear specialists provide strategic oversight and management support to the delivery of key safety cases for new build operators, as well as preparing and reviewing safety cases for a range of nuclear sector clients.

Nuclear safety governance and regulatory interface support

As former regulators and operators of nuclear licensed sites, our senior personnel have unrivalled knowledge and experience of nuclear site licensing and safety governance processes.

Odour Assessments

Odour problems can be challenging, as they are often based on subjective human responses and perceived offensiveness of odours. We can produce a number of odour assessment reports that can be used to help support planning, to mitigation for existing sites.

Post occupancy evaluation

Where soft landings is about the handover/transition process, post occupancy evaluation (POE) is about ensuring the environment – particularly the workplace environment – is meeting its needs. By focussing on the health, wellbeing and comfort of your occupants, workplace productivity is proven to go up.

Radioactive waste management and decommissioning strategy

Our consultants have extensive experience of developing and implementing the procedures and policies necessary to deliver effective radioactive waste management and decommissioning strategies on nuclear licensed sites.

Renewables & Energy Storage

By combining our advice on how to make the most appropriate investment in renewable technologies with energy storage solutions, we help to stabilise the grid, unlock sites, deliver energy resilience, support decarbonisation, and create income-generating assets.