Carbon Verification and Validation Services

Our carbon management specialists will help you to manage, record and verify your carbon footprint claims with confidence and credibility.

With our understanding of the new and emerging carbon verification standards, our approach to carbon footprint verification (CFV) will help you manage your environmental impact and meet your obligations to gain verified GHG standards.

Helping you meet the core standards for carbon management

Our dedicated specialists offer independent insights that will help you to meet your decarbonisation targets by guiding you through the three core standards for carbon verification in the built environment.

These internationally recognised standards offer a robust approach to help you verify, substantiate and validate the claims you make. We can guide you through the process for:

  • ISO 14064 – corporate standards for greenhouse gas accounting
  • PAS2080:2016 – focused on carbon management in infrastructure
  • PAS2060 – focused on demonstrating carbon neutrality
  • PAS2050 – focused on verifying product-related carbon footprint
  • Net Zero Standards

To support you with your carbon accounting, our team adopt a three-stage approach aligned to ISO 14064-3 that underpins all greenhouse gas verification work. The method prepares, verifies and issues a statement of your position.

Our approach will help you to:

  • Meet customer and stakeholder expectations
  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Show transparency and completeness
  • Meet industry and regulatory expectations
  • Improve innovation

Data and evidence gathering is a critical part of the process to help with your risk assessments, to substantiate your CFV and to build credibility and confidence with customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

Our support for organisations in the built environment and infrastructure sector ranges from carbon baselining and gap analysis, through to supporting CEEQUAL assessments, ongoing performance monitoring and the development of carbon verification programmes to meet the leading industry standards.

Our track record

Our track record includes:

Carbon Management Consultant on the HS2 Central Delivery Area: We have helped implement PAS2080:2016 to assess the whole construction process and reduce carbon and cost through intelligent design, construction and use, which has been verified by Lloyds Register. We have also advised on delivering the carbon reduction targets through design optimisation and efficient construction methodology.

Forensic whole lifecycle carbon assessment of Vox, Manchester: Acting for Glenbrook, we delivered a complete assessment of their 280-build-to-rent residential scheme in Manchester to provide a blueprint for their ambition to deliver future net-zero carbon developments. We reviewed the existing, high-performing design principles and through the use of leading benchmarks such as LETi, we identified further ways to reduce the overall carbon footprint that will inform their future strategy without a significant impact on capital costs.

Carbon neutral housing programme, London: We are setting the sustainability agenda and principles on residential sites for a leading London Borough – the largest local authority landowner in the UK. Reflecting their pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030, and as part of a new-build affordable housing programme, we are setting a framework to meet compliance standards and establishing a process to achieve efficiencies through operational energy and lifecycle cost modelling.

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