Environmental management and assessment

Our team includes a range of personnel with experience in both radiological and conventional environmental management disciplines.

This includes former regulators and operators, as well as expert consultants, each of whom has a broad range of technical and practical expertise.

Our environmental management and assessment service offering covers the whole nuclear lifecycle, enabling our clients to meet regulatory and legal requirements.

For new build clients, we can offer support to environmental permit applications, Article 37 and 41 submissions and Generic Design Assessment (GDA) findings resolutions.

For operating and decommissioning facilities, we undertake Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments, support the assessment of radiological impacts to the environment and coordinate Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

We adopt a holistic approach to our work in this area, which considers the various means by which nuclear sites interact with their environment, through solid waste generation and disposal, aqueous discharge and gaseous emissions.

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