ESG Strategy and Reporting

With investment partners using environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to assess material risks, we will benchmark your real estate assets and help you develop an ESG strategy that reflects your organisation’s vision and purpose.

Creating and delivering an ESG strategy is about driving sustainable outcomes. For any organisation, a robust approach will offer:

  • An enhanced business reputation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased shareholder value
  • Future-proofing and resilience
  • Better financial performance
  • Effective risk management

This is not a box-ticking exercise, and it goes beyond compliance. This is about being conscious of your social responsibility as well as your environmental impact and actively doing something tangible and measurable.

Funders and investment partners will use the non-financial factors of ESG to assess whether a development project or a real estate portfolio is right for them. Increasingly, built environment assets will be viewed through a social lens to evaluate the everyday impact on people’s lives.

Our team at Hydrock will help you to understand what investors and their partners are looking for. We will help you to engage fully and appropriately with them to demonstrate your approach and philosophy.

ESG Strategy Report

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How do we help?

We help you to understand and articulate your organisation’s vision and purpose with respect to ESG and sustainability, and we will work with you to ensure it comes through in everything you deliver.

We will work collaboratively with you to develop a bespoke framework and approach based on established standards and benchmarks such as GRESB, GRI, TCFD, SASB and SBTI.

There are three stages to our approach:

  • Stage 1: ESG scanning:
    • Gap analysis
    • Benchmarking (peer and industry standard)
    • Roadmaps and insights
  • Stage 2: ESG planning:
    • Vision and purpose
    • Strategy and integration
    • Targets and materiality assessment
    • Corporate reporting and disclosure
    • Implementation programme
  • Stage 3: ESG tracking:
    • Performance monitoring (analytics and periodic reporting)
    • Organisation programmes
    • Accreditation and certification

Our role is to advise, enable and verify your approach to ESG, helping you to be informative and transparent in how you communicate your vision and progress to all your stakeholders.

In addition, drawing on the skills and experience of our multi-disciplinary engineering and energy specialists, we will help you to mitigate potential reputational risks and address stranded assets. This advice covers a broad spectrum from improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, to minimising waste, to modelling the value from investments in renewable technologies, to meeting the latest fire safety regulations, and more. It’s designed to help you improve the value of your assets.

Our track record

Our track record includes:

Apex 1, Nine Elms, London: We delivered an ESG strategy for the Vinci / St Modwen partnership that is driving forward the development of a 24-storey, 200-home residential scheme as the first of seven buildings on the Apex site at the top of the Nine Elms area of London’s South Bank. As part of our multi-disciplinary appointment, we helped the JV partnership develop a set of ESG principles and goals to attract an investment partner for the PRS elements of the scheme. In addition, we authored the Sustainability Vision and supported the planning submission with fire safety, building services, acoustics and utilities advice.

ESG strategy for a science-based charity: We have developed a net-zero roadmap and an ESG strategy to support the business operations of a leading southern-based science, arts and education charity. Through data collection we have assessed their current position and advised on how to develop and validate their core corporate aims linked to the UN sustainability goals. We are helping them to enable and facilitate change through a mix of programmes.

Opportunity assessment for global asset management group: We are advising a leading global asset management group on the opportunities to improve the asset and social value from their investment in a wide range of out-of-town retail parks. We are advising on the potential to transform the sites through decarbonisation and investment in a range of energy initiatives. The aim is to create a positive contribution to their surrounding communities and achieve the ESG goals that their investor clients are seeking.

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