MEPH systems design

Effective mechanical, electrical and public health (MEPH) systems set the tone for a building, delivering comfort, ease of use and occupation, and safety.

The real test of successful MEPH design is users and building occupants being totally unaware of their existence.

Getting it right is where we come in. Our approach is to engage early on in the overall building design strategy. We believe that the value comes from listening, understanding and contributing to the design philosophy at an early stage.

This highly considered approach to the design of systems such as ventilation, artificial lighting or heating, is proven to result in their existence going totally unnoticed by the users of a building. Success is MEPH systems working smoothly within the overall building design and structure, enhancing the wellbeing of building occupiers.

Hydrock’s MEPH team designs all the fundamental mechanical and electrical systems that enable a building to be used efficiently and sustainably, minimising energy and water consumption. From power and renewable energy systems, to lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and all the intelligent control systems that manage the performance of a building, through to above ground foul drainage and rainwater drainage - we design them all.

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