Net Zero Strategy & Carbon Management

We’ll lead you step-by-step towards the most cost-effective route to reducing carbon, adding social and economic value on your path to net zero, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Businesses are prioritising sustainability and moving towards a greener future, with a particular focus on achieving ‘net zero’ status. Industry task groups, government bodies and scientists are all increasingly joining forces in the pursuit of reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

In the UK, our government set out a legally-binding net zero target in its Climate Change Act, which is seeking to reduce our carbon emissions 80% by 2050.

At Hydrock, our energy consultants will help unite your wider business goals with your net zero duty, steering you towards regulatory compliance and, most importantly, towards changes that’ll have the most positive social, economic and environmental impact.

Carbon management: a challenge of scale

Our climate challenge is unprecedented. The solution requires transformational change across our industries and personal lives.

We recognise the ability of individuals to influence emissions through behaviour but the vast majority of emissions reduction will need to be the result of government and industry action. Though only responsible for around 2% of national emissions, local authorities have the potential to influence around three quarters of all emissions.

Small differences can have large impact at scale. While our net zero strategy work is focused on the long-term carbon management of your business, we’ll help you prioritise at all levels ‒including those critical short-term gains.

By being proactive we ensure you’re able to make informed decisions about your carbon offsetting strategies, while complying with regulations such as the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).

Our approach takes the latest low carbon technologies and strategies to develop solutions that provide smarter energy infrastructure with increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a cleaner trajectory for heat and power.

We’ll help you with your energy and sustainability commitments across the whole project lifecycle, navigating the complex, evolving energy landscape by selecting the right mix of technology for development with a focus on estate decarbonisation, capacity, resilience, cost savings and revenue generation.

Net Zero Buildings: reducing energy consumption

To achieve the necessary carbon reduction targets pledged by the UK, it will take 100% of buildings to be net zero by 2050.

That’s going to take a monumental effort and, in order to limit any burden, it’s essential that all new buildings adopt zero carbon guidelines as early as possible. Meanwhile, 80% of existing stock will still be in place at that point in time so retrofit efforts are just as important as the design of our new buildings.

The first step in any move to carbon neutrality is to reduce consumption and demand for energy ‒which means looking at energy efficiency.

It all starts with the right data and then acting upon it. To establish a carbon baseline, we look at the whole lifecycle of a building including:

  • Construction: the embodied carbon content of the materials being extracted, manufactured, used and transported
  • Operational energy: the emissions resulting from operation, including fabric measures, efficient services, renewable energy, and offsetting any residual emissions
  • Recycling: the demolition or retrofitting/recycling of the building at the end of its use

Net zero strategy: benchmarking success

The pace of change in the energy sector is rapid. Regulation and policy are being rewritten, technology is evolving, and the performance of renewables is transforming the face of capacity and resilience forever.

Industries will have to respond to the climate crisis in different ways. Our energy consultants will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the game.

We bring a big picture approach to assessing the opportunities that net zero can present to your business, in terms of cost savings, and also have the technical know-how needed to tackle your industry-specific challenges.

How will you help my business achieve carbon neutrality?

The truth is every business is different. But you can be certain net zero strategy has a part to play in your story, whether you’re building towards growth, profitability, compliance, or market differentiation.

Our multi-disciplinary approach means we understand the full net zero journey, from assessment and design all the way through construction, operation, and monitoring.

As part of our net zero strategy service, we deliver:

  • Net zero strategy and carbon management
  • Energy and sustainability master planning
  • Utility management and infrastructure
  • Renewable energy generation and energy storage
  • Decarbonisation strategies and Carbon Reporting (SECR)
  • Energy capacity and resilience modelling and strategies
  • Energy delivery models and service companies
  • Trading and optimisation strategy
  • Energy grants, funding and innovation advice
  • Environmental modelling (energy, wind, daylight/ sunlight)
  • Environmental assessment methods e.g., BREEAM, WELL, LEED
  • Toolkit development
  • Energy policy and strategy
  • Life cycle assessment and life cycle costing

It’s our job to help you navigate the complex, evolving energy landscape. We promise to slice through the carbon-jargon and give you clear, pragmatic and commercially sound advice.

Let’s talk Net Zero

Hydrock’s smart energy and sustainability team is a specialist division. We focus on delivery of low and zero carbon projects, renewable energy and storage projects, energy efficiency and carbon management and energy sustainability strategies.

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