Organisational capability

For prospective nuclear site licensees involved in the development of new UK nuclear power stations, we support development of an appropriate and proportionate organisational capability to demonstrate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Through production of the nuclear baseline, management prospectus and an intelligent customer strategy, our engagement helps our clients to understand their responsibility and accountability for the management of nuclear safety and those working on their behalf.

Our approach is designed to help create a capable operator who will ensure competence and quality across a project lifecycle. Critically, it’s an approach that also embraces the supply-chain and is flexible to the changing needs of a project over time.

We also support organisations who are transitioning to the decommissioning phase, ensuring that their organisational capability remains appropriate and proportionate until the site end-state is reached. This involves balancing the requirements of decommissioning work with the need to down-scale the licensee head-count over time.

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