Post occupancy evaluation

Will your building actually work for you? It starts at first principle of design and boils down to the intrinsically linked factors of wellbeing, occupant comfort and productivity. Business booms when you get it right.

Where soft landings is about the handover/transition process, post occupancy evaluation (POE) is about ensuring the environment – particularly the workplace environment – is meeting its needs. By focussing on the health, wellbeing and comfort of your occupants, workplace productivity is proven to go up.

For new and existing buildings, we assess how well the environment works for the day to day occupants. From identifying quick wins and correcting what’s already there for little to no cost – for example, tweaking heating and cooling systems – to reviewing the facilities, space, acoustics or air quality; we do it all.

Pay attention to wellness and comfort, and the rest will follow.

Contact Graeme Smith, Technical Director, Building Performance Engineering today to find out how we can help your business.

What is post occupancy evaluation? We discuss the value of the feedback loop to monitor and regulate how high-performing buildings are actually being used.

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