Energy Capacity

Smart energy means a democratisation of assets.

Capacity is the fourth of our five Smart Energy Opportunities.

We can help you unlock constrained sites and overcome capacity constraints; reducing demand and utilising on site generation to reduce connection costs and grid reinforcement charges.

The removal of technological and logistical barriers for energy generators means a democratisation of energy assets, where we all have a part to play.

We help knit smart energy strategies together with statutory and regulatory requirements, for both national and local planning policy, ultimately helping create community energy programmes. ​

We will help safeguard and guide your energy decisions - from energy storage to distributed generation - making smart energy accessible for everyone..

Let us help you remove energy constraints on your project.

The future is smart.

Improve energy accessibility by:

  • Unlocking complex sites that would normally require expensive grid connection costs.
  • Utilise on-site generation to reduce costs and reinforcement charges.
  • Meeting statutory and regulatory compliance and planning policy.
  • Using battery storage to improve on-site generation capability.

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