Energy Resilience

Smart energy means decentralisation.

Resilience is the fifth of our five Smart Energy Opportunities.

From single houses to massive developments, we are all taking part in the smart energy future.

The decentralised energy market in the UK is undergoing rapid change and growth as our energy production moves more local. This drives efficiency but comes with a unique set of problems.

In the past, the National Grid was ‘centralised’, relying on large power stations with significant inertia to aid balancing. The growth of renewable energy has introduced both opportunities and constraints to this system.

As we further divest from fossil fuels, the need for optimisation and balancing increases.

We develop robust energy strategies to deal with the intermittency and power balancing of our new renewable energy generation, ensuring essential supplies are protected.

If you’d like to discuss how you can use decentralised energy assets to protect the resilience of your energy supply, drop one of our Smart Energy Consultants a line and we’ll get back to you.

The future is smart.

Increase resilience by:

  • Developing robust energy strategies to deal with the intermittency of renewable energy production.
  • Investing in technology and energy storage solutions that will adapt to future energy needs.
  • Ensuring vital supplies and assets are protected.

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